Thunder Valley

We headed down towards Oklahoma City for a PMRA race this past weekend. The race was at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Nobel, OK. It was our first time going to this track, so we were looking forward to checking it out. It was supposed to be a day race, but due to the heat forecasted, it was moved to an evening race, with time trials starting at 5pm. We got to the track a few hours early, got set up, and as we always do at new spots, went and checked out the track. We took a look around the staging lanes, figured out where the finish line was in relationship to the boards, and what the shut down looked like. Elyse made a few test passes and then made some clutch adjustments in the pits. It was our first time running Engle Motors gray bike with new gearing for the 9.50 index class. Elyse still couldn’t get it slowed down enough before the track went down with computer issues. They worked on it for nearly three hours and finally called the race. We still had a great day at the track hanging out with our race buddies.

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