One Weekend; Three S1000RR’s

This weekend we raced on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Both days I was fortunate enough again to be able to run Engle Motors’ S1000RR. On Sunday I really got the hang of the bike’s set up and ran a few 9.0 passes in some hot weather! On Friday night we were glad to get to hang out with some KC and Omaha friends. I finally got to race Smolies on his GSXR 1000 and he won the first pass when I was on the green bike, but he was too scared to race me when I was on my white bike (or he claims his battery died)… On Sunday we also got the opportunity to run a black S1000RR down the track. My favorite part of the weekend was having the opportunity to ride three different S1000RR’s! It was a new experience for me to jump from bike to bike and learn to adjust on the fly to different set-ups. I’m also even more excited now to re-gear the white bike since both of the other bikes were geared!

KC and some Omaha

Motorsports S1000RR

Acid Green S1000RR

Black S1000RR

Thanks to our friends Tara and Chuck for some of the pictures!





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