The Home Stretch

It’s been 11 weeks since Elyse’s accident and she is continuing to have awesome progress. Life feels like it might get back to normal very soon!

Motul Hat

The past couple of weeks Elyse has been going to outpatient physical therapy for her leg and the intensity of the strengthening and agility exercises has greatly increased! They’ve had her doing things like single leg press (with her bad leg), weighted walking lunges, and balancing on the BOSU ball. As her mobility and strength improve, Elyse has been able to get out of the house more and her physical therapist released her from using the cane!! Elyse has more follow-up doctors appointments next week and hopes to have even more good news coming!

We went to Engle Motors this past weekend and Elyse got to see the bike for the first time since the wreck. Mike is ready to get to work on fixing it and it sounds like the bike will be even better next year. Thanks again to Mike and the folks at Engle’s for being so supportive the past few years and especially these past few months!

S1000RR Wreck





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