Coming Out of My Shell

We passed the 12 week mark since Elyse’s accident and went back to UNMC to visit Dr. Surdell, the doctor who did her back surgery. They took a new x-ray and he said the healing and stability look great. Dr. Surdell released her from wearing the back brace! This is a very exciting milestone and Elyse is thrilled! Since the brace came off Elyse’s Physical Therapists have been working with her on back, core, and arm strengthening. Doing everyday activities is starting to be easier and feel more normal.

Drag Bike Girl

Drag Bike Girl

We also had a recent follow-up on her leg. After looking at the new x-ray the Doctor estimated her broken leg is approximately 75% healed and continues to heal well. The stability of her knee is still looking great and she’s still working on strengthening in PT. Last week Elyse started back to work doing half days. She is so happy to be taking that step back towards normal life!

Drag Bike Girl





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