International Motorcycle Show, Dallas

This past weekend I was invited to display my bike in the BMW MOA booth at the International Motorcycle Show in Dallas, TX. The MOA is the world’s largest BMW motorcycle club and I am a member! We really enjoyed hanging out with the guys at the booth and meeting other riders including Nate Kern, BMW Factory Test Rider, Ricardo Rodriguez, a BMW Performance Center Instructor, and Kevin Schwantz, a former World Champion motorcycle road racer. Being at the IMS show was an awesome opportunity for me to meet new fans and sign a few posters. I especially enjoyed meeting some fellow lady riders and got my picture with some future riders! I also liked talking to other drag racing enthusiasts who were excited to see the stretched S1000RR.

International Motorcycle Show

Drag Bike Girl & Nate Kern

Drag Bike Girl & Ricardo Rodriguez

Drag Bike Girl signing autographs

McKinnon Motorsports talking with fans

Drag Bike Girl talking with fans

Drag Bike Girl & Kevin Schwantz





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