150 MPH Club

Well, last week my best pass was 11.3 seconds at 134 mph in the quarter mile. This week I was thrilled to join the 150+ mph club with my best pass of 10.7 seconds at 152 mph! As you can see from the second picture, Matt Hall (Engle Motors’ S1000) still likes to give me a head start and then fly by half way through, but I think now that I’m in the 150 mph club the head-starts will get shorter! Pictured at the bottom (L to R) are: Ashley, Matt Hall, Chris McKinnon (my husband and Pit Crew Manager), and Mike Jones (Engle Motors’ Owner and our #1 adviser on all things S1000).

Drag Racing S1000RR

Drag Racing S1000RR

Drag Racing S1000RR





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