Women’s Motorcycle Show: Texas Style

This weekend we went to Fort Worth for the Women’s Motorcycle Show, put on by the amazing MotoLady (Alicia Elfving). The Women’s Motorcycle Show was part of Revzilla’s Get On! Moto Fest, a three day event with manufacturer demo rides, booths with motorcycle gear and accessories, live music and more. The event was hosted at the Texas Motor Speedway, a legendary NASCAR track. The WMS was located in one of the NASCAR garages located in the infield of the track.

I entered Blackbriar and Ironhand in the show, so the we got to the Speedway Thursday afternoon to unload and set up the bikes. The show lasted Friday through Sunday and was an awesome, fun-filled weekend! We reconnected with motorcycle friends, made new ones, saw some rad bikes built by women, and checked out the entire Get On! Moto Fest. I also got to see some of my BMW friends working the Heritage demo truck. They brought a fleet of R 18 cruisers for people to demo ride all weekend.

MotoLady hosted a Super73 electric bike Slow Race & Shenanigans, which was a lot of fun. I’m used to going fast, so the slow race was a new challenge but I still managed to get 2nd place. The shenanigans included an obstacle course with some very tight turns. The best part was just getting to brap around the Texas Motor Speedway infield with Alicia, Chris, and Tanner at the end of the Shenanigans event.

It was a great weekend hanging out with friends and doing fun stuff on bikes. It was also pretty awesome having my race bikes on display in a NASCAR garage. Thank you MotoLady for the epic event and memories at the 2021 Women’s Motorcycle Show!





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