the start of an addiction

We tried drag racing for the first time in September 2012. Chris & I wanted to try out some different things on our sportbikes, and started with an introduction to road racing on the track by joining a lunch ride at Heartland Park Bike Days. Next, we tried a street legal night of drag racing and I immediately realized I was going to be addicted. I loved the adrenaline it gave me and the challenge of learning to safely and efficiently go as fast as I could. I ran that night on my street bike, a stock 2011 GSXR 600. After a few passes I got comfortable and began began bracket racing against a Hayabusa, which evened it out a bit since that bike has over twice the cc’s as my 600. It was a great first experience and turns out I was racing against the reigning points champion! So, let the fun begin….

GSXR Drag Racing





Just a girl racing motorcycles while building my next race bike. Usually found somewhere in the sunshine.