Revved-Up Women Motorcycle Expo

This past weekend both races on the Team’s schedule were cancelled due to weather, so they headed to the Revved-Up Women: Texas Motorcycle Expo in San Antonio, Texas for the day.

One of the things Elyse appreciated most about the event is that two awesome ladies led a motorcycle maintenance class. The class lasted about an hour and highlighted the basics from what to check over before you go out on a ride to how to change your oil. It was a great avenue to highlight important things that new riders may not have thought about yet and give them the power of knowledge to go do their own research from there. The ladies that led the class were Sofi Tsingos, owner of GT Moto hand-built motorcycles and Krystal Hess, owner of Motorcycle Missions. It was pretty fantastic to hear these ladies pass their knowledge on to all those female (and a few guy) riders.

Elyse also went to a Moto yoga class that day where they focused on great stretches to do after a long day of motorcycle riding. She got some great stretches in to start her day at the expo!

Elyse enjoyed meeting several other nationally known women motorcycle professionals who were panelists at the event, including Genevieve Schmitt, Publisher of Women Riders Now; Alicia Elfving, aka “MotoLady”, Photgrapher, Jounalist; Sarah Schilke, National Marketing Manager BMW Motorrad; and Tricia Szulewski, Creative Director/Writer at American Iron Magazine.





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