Lucas Oil Raceway

On the second day of RSR Drag Racing School we were at the Lucas Oil Raceway drag strip in Indianapolis all day. Our runs were video taped and after each pass we went back to the tent to review the footage. Ryan would then give us pointers on what to focus on improving for the next pass. The day started well when I successfully completed my first burnout at the track! That was a huge step forward for me. I had been hesitant to try doing one due to all that could go wrong, but Ryan took a calm approach to teaching me and it worked the first try! The day just got better from there, and by the late afternoon my best time went from a 9.71 to a 9.17, a drop of over half a second from my previous best in Topeka! We had a great day and really enjoyed working with Ryan and getting his feedback on how to improve my runs.





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