International Motorcycle Show in Dallas, TX

The International Motorcycle Show in Dallas was a great event for us to reconnect with some motorcycle friends we hadn’t seen in a while and also make a few new friends! We always enjoy seeing our friends at the BMW booth and checking out the new bikes on display. Our favorite new bike at the booth this year was the G 310 R which looks like a fun little bike for playing around town.

We got to spend some time chatting with fellow S 1000 RR racers Nate Kern and Erin Sills. Between Nate’s expertise as a road racer, Erin’s time racing on the salt flats, and Elyse’s drag racing experiences, the three of them have some pretty interesting stories about their time on the DoubleR.

Elyse also got to spend some time with Rickey Gadson, a drag racing legend, who was a guest speaker at IMS. It was interesting hearing his talk about the horsepower wars over the years as the new motorcycle models have been released with more and more capabilities.

Nate Kern, Erin Sills, Elyse McKinnon

Rickey Gadson






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