Closing this Chapter

This week marked seven months since Elyse’s accident. At the end of the year Elyse was released from physical therapy but given a regiment to do at home. Since she did not undergo surgery to repair the partial tears in her knee, she was instructed to keep the leg exercises up to maintain the leg muscles. In early January another scan was done and the results showed that the blood clots in Elyse’s leg have resolved and she was able to discontinue the blood thinner medication. This was VERY exciting news and we are glad to be done with all the concerns that come from blood clots and blood thinners! The doctor said by late January Elyse’s blood levels would be back to normal and she could start doing more athletic activities. This is certainly a positive end to such a crazy chapter in our lives; now it’s time to keep up the good habits and continue building strength.

Elyse McKinnon





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