Biker Belles

The Biker Belles Ride and Celebration is an annual event that takes place at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. For 10 years, this event has been held to celebrate women and their role in the sport of motorcycling. Elyse was honored to be invited as a special guest this year and join this group of leading women in the industry.

The Biker Belles event kicked off in the morning with the Women & Wheels bike show at the Buffalo Chip and Elyse entered Blackbriar. There were some awesome ladies with bikes in the show and it was fun to see their style incorporated into their bikes. Even Jessi Combs (TV Host, Driver, Metal Fabricator) had her bike on display; it was great seeing her there!

Elyse joined the group of over 100 ladies on a ride out of Sturgis; they had a police escort through the heart of the rally in downtown Sturgis, then continued on a breathtaking scenic route through the countryside. It was so fun riding through the mountains and along a beautiful creek. It was also awesome to see all the other bikes out on the road!

The ride ended at the Deadwood Lodge where the Biker Belles Symposium was taking place. Elyse had Iron Hand on display in the convention center next to the stage where a few leading women in the motorcycling industry gave a talk about “Shifting Gears”. Our pal Jacqui VanHam was the host of the event and said a few nice things on the mic about Elyse and her racing. After lunch, Elyse got to sign some posters and meet & greet with the Biker Belles. It was a great event; thanks for having us, Belles!





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