Drag Bike Girl 2

“While I am at the dragstrip my goal is not only to win races but to have a great time and make new friends. I look forward to seeing you at the track!”

Drag Bike Girl


Name: Elyse McKinnon

License: NHRA ET/MX #599

Career Best E.T.: 8.42

Career Best Speed: 166.64 mph

Associations: BMW Motorcycle Club of Kansas City, NHRA Member


Residence: Houston, TX

Marital status: Married

Height/weight: 5´5´´, 120 lbs

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Scuba Diving, and Fishing

Degree: Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Florida


2017: 5th in PMRA Pro ET Championship, 6th in PMRA Super Comp Championship, PMRA Ultra Street Runner-up, Runner-up at Street Car Takeover

2016: Top 10 PMRA Super Comp Championship, Top 15 PMRA Pro ET Championship, Runner-up at Street Car Takeover

2015: Winner of Cash Days, Special Guest with BMW Motorrad, Runner-up at Street Car Takeover

2014: Winner of Midnight Drags, Runner up at ICC, Runner-up at Street Car Takeover

2013: Obtained NHRA License, Attended RSR Drag School

2012: Started Drag Racing Motorcycles


As a little girl Elyse was always a tomboy. She would rather hit the trails on a four-wheeler, explore in the woods, or go-kart around in the yard than do girly things. She has two older brothers whose toys she gladly took as hand-me-downs or otherwise borrowed when left unattended (namely the go-kart)! Her parents also love the outdoors and taught her the value of hard work and upstanding morals.

Growing up in Florida, there were always motorcycles cruising the street, enjoying the year-round great weather and beautiful ocean views. She first road a motorcycle in college when her now-husband owned quite a few. He taught her to ride in an empty parking lot on the University of Florida campus and she couldn’t get enough!

After graduation Chris and Elyse got married and moved to Lawrence, KS for careers. Elyse got her own motorcycle and fell in love with street riding and the motorcycle community, forming new friendships with other riders.

Elyse tried drag racing for the first time in September 2012 at a street legal night and was immediately addicted. She loved the adrenaline rush and the challenge of learning to safely and efficiently go as fast as possible. She ran that night on her street bike, a 2011 GSXR 600. The next season she ran a BMW S1000RR. Mid-way through the season she earned her NHRA License then the team stretched and lowered the bike. Her racing ambitions intensified after making quick improvements at Ryan Schnitz Drag Racing School.






Just a girl racing motorcycles while building my next race bike. Usually found somewhere in the sunshine.